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The GREEN Building - Post Frame Building

When one is told about Pole Barn Building the first though that comes to their mind is a plain Post Frame Structure. Though many post frame buildings are referred to as "Pole Barn" by the lingo term. We can say that Post Frame Buildings are far more premium than plain pole barn buildings.

In modern days professional no longer uses the old "poles" that symbolise pole barns but they uses better techniques and material. Modern professional uses engineered techniques to design post frame building. They would also use laminated columns or solid-sawn square posts for the purpose.

Originally post frame structures were designed to store and protect agriculture related articles, but now it has found many other uses and the possibilities are exploding as we are progressing. Post frames are now proudly setup for retail, commercial, religious, industrial and for residential use as well.

The technique used for erecting post frame buildings is used in many cases like strip malls, office complexes, restaurants and numerous other commercial and residential applications. Besides this fire stations, schools, airplane hangers and many other such buildings may be erected using post frame design techniques.

In current era, designer are using different and advanced material for post frame structure which no one imagined in the past. There are so many choices available for exterior or front of the post frame building that anyone can make mistake in recognising a post frame building with some other type of building.

Designers can today achieve any look and design with modern available techniques to match the artistic taste of wood, stucco or brick. These buildings are far more beautiful that other commercial buildings.

Wide variety of materials like brick, wood, stone can be used to design a perfect post frame buildings. And this freedom and flexibility of post frame give it edge over other type of buildings and is most preferred building type. Post frame design allows professionals to incorporate to employ so many additional beautification or other architectural enhancements to achieve the desired look and appearance.

Many high profile buildings are designed on the principal of post frame buildings like Banks, medical facilities, funeral homes, real estate offices and many other professional buildings due to the flexibility of design offered by Post Frame structures.

More architectural features can be incorporated into post frame structure in future as well and that is why it is the preferred structure of modern requirements. When you think about artful additions to the building the one structure that comes to your mind that will allow easy and seamless integration and beautification of the building is post frame building. It allows to install bay windows, overhangs, domers, decks, parapet walls and many other enhancements that you can think of that may not go well with wood, steel or metal material. In additional for the exterior you have option to use materials like stone, brick, vinly, steel or wood.

For roof styles there are many possibilities that one can use like shingles, slates, metal, tiles etc. These kind of roofs are easy to install as well and you any install low slope roof decks upon which one can install any roofing system.

Post frame buildings are energy efficient, long lasting and code compliant. These structure has proved great for garages, churches, schools, airplane hangers, storage building, industrial facility, schools and more.