• pole barn cooling options
  • air conditioning options for pole barn

Pole barn is used mostly for providing shelter to horses and livestock beside this it can also be used for storing vehicles, equipments, feed, crops, hay, grass and even be used for activity or party area or a business location as well. Like with any other buidlding types pole barn also gets affected by heat and can become unbearably hot in summer. So the first thing you want to do it to add a proper ventilation of the space so that cool air can circulate. With proper design and some additions this can be achieved, and these additional changes and tweaks keep it comfortable for both animals and people during the hot summer and even on hottest days of summer. Below are the factors that can be used to achieve our the above

Select Right Location

Location of pole barn plays a key role in keeping it cool in summer and if you are planning to build a pole barn then this should be your first priority to choose right location. Natural shade is a best way to keep it cool, so you can decide to have your pole barn near a tree or where there is some sort of shadow. If you can go for natural shade like a tree then its best but it it is not available then you can try to build it side by a building of some sort that can provide shades to soem extent. Beside this try to build your pole barn at a location that get plenty of breeze during summer time so that air can circulate easily.

Windows and Doors

Having plenty of doors and windows allow breeze to circulate throughout the building, so further helping it maintain its cool during hot summer days. These additional doors and windows allow breezes to flow through the building. By opening as many as windows you can maximise airflow. In addition you can open the end doors of your pole barn to let air pass though even more and keeping the building cooler.

Installing Fans

Yet another way to cool down your pole barn is by isntalling fans, in summers it become very hot and so does the air, so you would prefer that you don't let the hot air come inside, and instead use artificial air that is air from fan that become cooler in hot summer. Fans can circulate the air and remove hot air from the building. This prevent condensation and thus prevent the interior of the building un pleasant and uncomfortable in hot summer. For animals you can use misting, fogging or cooling system in you use your shelter for animals.

Air Conditioning

In ase you are planning to use pole barn building as a residence or business, you need to install air conditioning to make it comfortable for the poeple who are going to use it. Beside installing air conditioning, you will need to insulate the building so that cool air remains indoor. The options for air conditioning also includes installing bookshelf girts, horizontal planks that can be installed between the posts of the outside walls. This allows to create pockets to hold the insulation and provide support to the building for drywall. Not only this, insulation will keep the pole barn warmer in winters as well. Protect your key farm or business equipment from the hot Texas sun, wind and rain with affordable and durable pole barn from Texwin PoleBarn. We design these equipment sheds to hold farm equipment, tractors, bulldozers and other machinery.